South Sulawesi Trip

This was my kinda “unplanned” holiday for a week in March 2016. We, I and my friend, chose South Sulawesi as our holiday destination just one day before we left, after choosing over between many places in Indonesia.

I booked two return tickets for Jakarta-Ujung Pandang on Friday, March 18th , for the next day first flight. It cost IDR 1.213.900 for each return ticket.

Here we go…

Day 1, March 19th, 2016

On Saturday, early morning, we flew to Ujung Pandang at 5.55 AM and arrive at 09.25 AM. The time in Ujung Pandang is one hour earlier than the time in Jakarta. Since this was “unplanned” holiday, we haven’t booked any transportation or accommodation. At first, we came to the taxi/car rental counter to asked about the price of transportation to take us to Tanjung Bira. Yeah, we decided to stayed in Tanjung Bira upon our arrival, for approximately 3 days there. We were shocked that the price was really expensive, moreover, they said, it is the price for my foreigner friend. Gosh! Without discussing, we left that counter feeling disappointed and tried to find another solution. We then decided to went to the city first by taking the public bus and find another transportation after. We bought the ticket and went on board to the bus. While waiting other passenger, we browsed the internet to check if there’s any other way that could take us directly to Tanjung Bira with reasonable price.

Fortunately, we found this “Fadhil Rent Car”, , phone: +6281241310031 ,  rental car that offered us the best price. We got IDR 300000/day for 7 days rent. This prices was not including fuel & driver. We were quite happy for this offer because we can drove on our own.

After 5 hours and a half driving , including stop to had some late lunch , we arrived in Tanjung Bira.

As we didn’t have any hotel booking yet, we had to looked around to some hotel / bungalows to check the available room. Some decent places, always full. Meanwhile, it’s getting dark and we already tired too. We almost gave up to find a nice place to rest that day. At the end, we found a new small room, yet cannot say that it’s a good hotel, not even a bungalow. It’s just a room, with shower and an air conditioning. No breakfast provided. This cheap room only cost IDR 350000/night.

We chilled and had dinner that night at a restaurant of “Salasa Guest House”

Day 2, March 20th, 2016

We went back to “Salasa Guest House” restaurant to had some breakfast. Afterward, we kept looking for a better place to stay during our holiday in Tanjung Bira. We were lucky enough to found an available room in “Bara Coco Bungalows” as our place to stay for the next two days. It’s located in Bara Beach area. The road heading to Bara Beach from Tanjung Bira beach was quiet rocky and bumpy, there’s no such thing as a good asphalt road. Any information about this bungalow can be found here . There’s no air conditioned room, just fan, but the bed was good enough and the bathroom quite big.

Here’s the view right from our bungalow…


We barely did nothing on that day.. just chilled in our bungalow, reading while hanging on the hammock and heard the sea breeze, and swam in the beach.

We had our lunch and dinner that day in the bungalow, just ordered to the owner and asked what they provided on that day (because the menu will vary each day). I like the food, it was so tasty. We ordered tuna for our dinner.


Day 3, March 21st, 2016

On this day, after had our breakfast we went to Liukang Loe Island. It’s a small island across the Bara Beach. Though, this is an inhabited island with a few of small and simple guest house and there are also some seafood “warung”, couldn’t say that those are restaurants though.

We took private rented boat to crossed to the island and went around that island. It costed IDR 300000 per boat. We just asked the owner of our bungalow to got that boat.

Day 4, March 22nd, 2016

After our last breakfast here, we checked out and planned to heading north of the island. We took a different route from our coming way. We just simply follow the direction from google maps. On our way, we had a chance to stop by a small village named “Tanah Beru”. This is a village of phinisi boat maker.

dsc_0165       dsc_0169

We then continued our road trip along the east shore line of South Sulawesi Province. we finally arrived in a small town named “Sengkang”. It is a capital of Wajo Regency which located in the middle of South Sulawesi. Since we arrived when the sun already set, we decided to stay a night in this town. It’s not easy to find a nice hotel in this town. Almost all the guest house in this town were occupied, there were only few room left but not clean enough and too small. As there’s no other better choice, we took a room in “BBC Hotel Sengkang”, even it’s quite expensive. Any information about this hotel could be checked here

Day 5, March 23rd, 2016

We woke up a bit late this day then ordered breakfast to our room. We then decided to check out at 12 pm. Our main destination was actually went to Toraja. However, since we read on the map that there’s a huge lake in this area, we then decided to go to that lake. It’s a bit difficult to find the way to the lake. Even though we used google map and also keep asking to people on the street, we had to going round and round in the same place for several times. Then.. finally we found a right way. There’s no really proper direction signage to the lake. So, the easiest clue if we want to go to Lake Tempe is just to find “Jl. Empat Lima, Watallipue, Wajo Regency, South Sulawesi” in google map. It’s a small street that located just on the side of main road. Just around the corner of that street, there’s a small “harbor”, which I think we can’t say that the place looks like a real harbor. From that tiny harbor, we rent a small traditional boat to go to the lake. There’s no specific boundary actually between the river (from which we took off the boat) until we were really in the middle of the lake.

There were several floating houses in the middle of the lake. One of the house usually used to hosted some visitor coming to the lake. Also, we could stay a night in that floating house.

After spending time for about two hours in the Lake Tempe area, we then continued our trip heading north to Tana Toraja. Again, we relied on google map to show us the direction to every place we wanted to go. As we approached the city named Palopo, the view was a bit nice, because we already in the highland area. We also took a rest and had dinner in this city. We ate in the local cafe. I forget the name tho..just ordered some coffee and chips or spaghetti as far as I can recall. Having all set after the dinner, we then carried on until we arrived almost around midnight in Toraja. The road between Palopo and Toraja was kinda narrow and winding. It was heavy rain during our way and the road almost full only with big truck.

Since we never booked any hotel in advance, we had to looking around for some nice and decent hotel to stay. Our choice was to stay in Toraja Luta Hotel & Resort.

Day 6, March 24th, 2016

Well, actually we didn’t know what to visited in this town except to saw many spots of the burial place in the rocky mountain cliff. Having our breakfast in the hotel, we then went out to find the tourist information first to get some information about any interesting place that we can visit in the area. Unfortunately, we didn’t find that such place. Again, we rely on any information available on google.

First place we visited was called “Ke’te Kesu”. This place is also one of ‘UNESCO World Heritage’ site.


We visit “Londa” afterward

Well, I thought the next two places we visited were nothing different, kinda boring actually.. hmm maybe it’s because we didn’t see any of their famous ancient funeral ceremony.

Here is “Lemo”


It’s getting midday, and we felt so hungry but had no idea what to eat or where we can get our lunch.

Then we end up eating in the local cafe “Queen Cafe & Resto”

I ordered nasi goreng merah while my friend had rica-rica pork for lunch. The taste was just OK. Having finish our lunch, we went to the souvenir shop just across the cafe.

We went to one more place after bought some souvenirs, the place called “Pallawa”.

That night, we had pizza for our dinner. We found a small local pizza restaurant here “Pizza Kinaya”.

The taste was just average,,I guess it’s the best place we could find to eat that day.

Day 7, March 25th, 2016

After having our breakfast, we then check-out from hotel and headed back to Makasar. We choose a different path from our coming way, so we went through Enrekang, Pare-pare, then arrived in Makasar at around 7 pm.

We stopped by Mount Nona in Enrekang to take a bit rest and had light lunch.


Also, in the afternoon we took a quick stop somewhere at the beach in Pare-pare.

We still had to looked around for a nice hotel to stay for the next two days in Makasar. At the end of our quest for the hotel, we found this hotel and got discounted room.

Day 8, March 26th, 2016

We actually had nothing to do this day. Just wanna laid back and enjoy our last day of holiday.

Since my friend just wanna chill in the hotel, so I went out by gojek to eat coto in “Aroma Coto Gagak” and bought es pisang ijo from “Es Pisang Ijo Bravo”.

Day 9, March 27th, 2016

-back to Jakarta-



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